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Sistem ERMES

ERMES este un sistem software si hardware ce permite manageria unui parc auto intr-un mod automat,trimite notificari printr-un telefon mobil ori e-mail sau alarme ori evenimentele din gama de sisteme de parcare. Sistemul standard de management al alarmelor si evenimentelor unui sistem SACS este gestionat local,ceea ce inseamna ca operatorul poate rezolva orice problema pe care poate sa o intampine.Trimite notificari prin alarme,mail sau sms-uri.

- posibilitatea de a fi notificat prin diverse metode

- Software ce poate fi accesat online printr-un browser sau apel telefonic , email.



The Janica management system is a definitive, complete solution for managing the implant data of an Aura30 car park: it has a system server, all Sacs own software, thanks to which the manages and operators can run a high-performance car park its maximum potential. Thanks to Janica and its particular architecture, the management of configurations and account data is better in comparison to classical systems: the PostgreSQL database and its structure which is based on the web server, lets you use Janica regardless of the operation system or PC type: Janica is a car park management software completely based on the web, therefore usable on any PC connected to the system LAN or the internet. Janica has been devised for easy use, complete functionality, adapt for all user types.



Operation software which allows you to interact with all of the functions of the car park, manage accounts and set numerous report models, with the objective to have control of all of the data connected to the car park use.

The pos software has a touch-screen monitor, thanks to the real time interaction with the car park system, it is extremely simple to use and intuitive. The software is available in six languages.